Intellectual Property Attorney in Orlando, FL

Intellectual Property Attorney in Orlando, FL

Representation For Technology Companies During Licensing Transactions

One of the most important aspects of creating a new product is finding a manufacturer who can produce the product in a cost-effective manner. In many situations, that means working with a manufacturer who is offshore. Although that can be more cost effective, it can also be difficult to ensure the manufacturer is not also making products for a competitor.

Brennan Legal Group, PLLC, has years of experience protecting the intellectual property of technology companies. The firm has resolved thousands of intellectual property and licensing matters for clients, including licensing work during acquisitions. The firm has also handled patent licensing and medical patenting for businesses that needed offshore components. In those situations, attorney Terry Brennan takes extra precautions to draft separate distribution agreements, as well as licensing technology agreements to preserve his clients' abilities to move into other markets. The Orlando lawyers provide counsel to clients in a range of intellectual property matters, including:

  • Representation for schools that use technological calendar systems to raise money and schedule events
  • Representation for educational software companies, including licensing the technology to universities around the country
  • Representation for physician practices during the acquisition of compliance systems
  • Representation for hospitals during the acquisition and licensing of patient management and clinical systems

Many of the clients who contact Brennan Legal Group, PLLC, are already working with Florida lawyers, but their counsel does not have experience acquiring or advising companies during complicated technology agreements. Businesses typically contact attorney Terry Brennan for specific ad hoc licensing matters that fall outside the scope of traditional intellectual property matters. To learn more about the representation the firm provides, schedule an initial consultation through an online contact form or by calling 407-810-5215.